A testimonial to the success of Tejus, the blood donation forum of Technopark, Trivandrum that was formed with extremely noble intentions. Making good use of the Park’s human resource, the organization has done an extremely good job at pooling blood which is proving to be of great use in hospitals including the likes of RCC Thiruvananthapuram (Regional Cancer Centre). This is indeed a step in the right direction that deserves to be applauded for more than one reason

Technopark Trivandrum


‘Tej’ means radiant, lustrous, true to its name TEJUS has lived up to its expectations. I have always looked upon Tejus as a band of youngsters involved in Tremendous - Energetic-Judicious -  Undertaking - Social Services, for the good of society. Your “ Voluntary Blood Donation Programme” has helped us save many lives at SCTIMST.. Tread the right path whatever may come may be your motto, I guess!! For I have witnessed you all overcoming hurdles, with ease, without complaining and with all professionalism that your services command.
In the words of Sri Aurobindo “ Act in the world with thy being beyond it.
Soul, exceed life's boundaries; Spirit, surpass the universe.”
Only a few can take this path, so wonderful youngsters, carry on with your services so that many a needy person shall benefit
With blessings and regards

Dr. Usha Kandaswamy, MSSO

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology, Trivandrum
Tejus has been part of the Voluntary Blood Donation Programme of SCTIMST. The members have been helping us to meet the ever growing blood needs of our patients. It is the responsibility of Blood Transfusion Centres to share facts and health information with blood donors. Tejus has given us this opportunity. 

Dr Jaisy Mathai

HOD Transfusion Medicine, SCTIMST Trivandrum